About Me!

meHello everybody! My name is Nicole and I am a French Horn player who likes to read, cook, and be active.  I study Arts Education and my goal in the future is to teach Art and Music to children and youth.



This is a blog about my experiences and what I do during my university hours and outside my university hours. In this portfolio you will see various assignments, such as my guitar project, Visual Art assignments for the Faculty of Education, as well as responses to blog posts.


In the past I have taught a handful of French Horn clinics as well as one Trumpet clinic for Band students from around Saskatchewan.  I currently work at a grocery store and about to do some volunteering as well inside the classroom and out.  I am very excited to expand my knowledge and gain wonderful experiences through volunteering as well as excited to connect with new people both mentors and students.


If you would like to see more of my work experience, check out my resume!